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Innovating Learning and Education in the Era of AI

Artificial Intelligence is transforming and disrupting many industries and markets. Around the world, governments and companies are proclaiming we are entering the “era of AI” with the rapid development of intelligent devices that can recognize faces and interact via speech, robots that can work alongside people to help automate warehouse logistics and manufacture goods, algorithms that can generate novel photo realistic images and music, computers that can provide decision support to clinicians to help detect cancer more reliably, and so much more.

As computers continue to automate more and more routine tasks, inequity of education remains a key barrier to future opportunities where success depends increasingly on intellect, creativity, empathy, and having the right skills and knowledge. This accelerating change raises the critical question of how to best prepare students, from children to life-long learners, to be successful and to flourish in the era of AI.

AI Literacy in K-12

Computational thinking is recognized as a new literacy for the 21st century. AI literacy is also becoming recognized as important for STEM education on a global scale. We are working with schools, education nonprofits, and industry collaborators to develop a comprehensive K-12 AI education program to serve students, teachers, and families worldwide.

AI for Vocational-Technical and Adult Education.

Vocational-technical students and adult learners need to understand and apply AI concepts and practices so they can engage in rewarding professional opportunities in the growing AI-economy. Our goal is to create new AI Career Pathways for vocational-technical schools, as well as to drive innovation towards continuous, agile adult education programs in AI.

AI and Personalized Learning in the Classroom

There is an opportunity to incorporate AI into the classroom in a personalized and emotionally compelling way that is effective, scalable and affordable. Such technologies should empower teachers and engage students while respecting privacy and being mindful of broader social implications.

Inclusivity and Creativity in the Era of AI

Developing high-tech solutions to complex problems requires creativity, social intelligence, critical thinking, ethical judgement, and working as part of a team with diverse perspectives and expertise. Creative activities and designing with compassion brings meaning, purpose and joy to people’s lives.

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

We seek to empower everyone to understand and create with AI.

Research Projects

We engage in multidisciplinary, iterative, and evidence-based research with diverse stakeholders to create new technologies, activities, practices and programs for real-world impact in homes, schools, afterschool programs and online communities.

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MIT AI Learning Units

Learning Units

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Two cute Arduino robots sitting in front of a tablet with a Scratch programming interface
How to Train Your Robot
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Daily AI curriculum for middle schoolers
Daily Middle School AI Curriculum
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Child participating in an AI ethics activity, filling out an activity where children redesign the YouTube user interface
AI + Ethics for Middle School
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Two Girl Scout badges resting on a keyboard. One is triangular and shows a dog on a laptop, while the other is circular and shows a cycle between a monitor and a cloud.
AI & Data Privacy Activities for K-9 Students
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Student project where user can feed food to sprite with fingers.
Dancing with AI
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Researcher assists two middle school children in a workshop about creative artificial intelligence.
Creativity and GANs for Middle School
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

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